Caring for Briiv

Caring for Briiv

Look after your Briiv so it can keep on looking after you. 

Your Briiv requires little to no maintenance, unlike some house plants or other air filter devices. Nevertheless, we hope to give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our Briiv. 

Caring for the filter components couldn't be easier. Your moss doesn't need watering or feeding of any kind! The moss used is actually a lichen, called Reindeer Moss, meaning it is not living but rather naturally preserved. Your moss may collect dust over time (all part of its job!). If you like, you can gently remove the moss, give it a gentle shake outdoors or over a bin, and then place it back in your Briiv.

Your coconut and nano-matrix require no maintenance at all! Simply change them at the end of their lifespan. Your moss and coconut filters last up to 12 months, and your nano-matrix lasts up to 3 months. Easy!

Like any other household item, the glass or base may get a little dusty over time. We recommend using a microfibre cloth to give your glass and base a gentle wipe. A slightly damp cloth will also be fine, or for tougher dirt (maybe from an accident in the kitchen) it's safe to use a little glass cleaner too. Please be careful to not get your Briiv too wet as it may affect the electrical components inside!

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