Powered By Plants

How does Briiv compare to just using traditional house plants?

Plants are amazing, there’s no denying that

We have taken nature and given it a boost, Briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants. So you can enjoy the benefits of having plants in your home without the hassle. 

As plants are static and don't have any air being pulled through them, they just can't physically remove any of the harmful particulates that are floating around in our homes. In a study by Nature, they ascertained that:

"The distribution of single-plant CADR (clean air delivery rate) spanned orders of magnitude, with a median of 0.023 m3/h" 

To put that into perspective Briiv is rated at 70 m3/h, which equates 3,042 houseplants to a singe Briiv! 

Watch Briiv compared to a single house plant

We were asked to put it to the test so, we ran the test above, releasing a smoke pellet in a closed container with briiv and then a plant and run a timer to see how long it takes to clear in both scenarios.

Instead of opting for oil-based plastics, Briiv uses a new bio-plastic derived from elephant grass, which is grown where agricultural crops can't be. This crop captures carbon in the process and fully biodegrades.

Plant based plastics are far superior to recycling, as standard plastics can only be reused a few times before so they have to be put to landfill. 

By supporting products like Briiv, you are preventing thousands of tonnes of plastic from ever being produced.

  • Every component of Briiv has been meticulously considered. Parts that are not biodegradable, such as the glass, can be easily recycled.

Trees for all

We offset with our tree planting program:

- Plastics that can't be removed

- Logistics

- Production

- Lifetime energy use

in association with Carbonfund.org

But what about performance?