Recycling an ever-increasing amount of solid waste created by Briiv Air Ltd.

We constantly seek to reduce the energy consumption within the company premises.

Seek out and work with vendors that offer a lower environmental impact than offered by traditional materials.

A commitment to continue to be carbon neutral in our activities via the purchase of carbon credits and reduction of carbon emissions across the board.

All staff to be educated on the impact of our associated industries, supply chains and operations.

Tracking and measuring environmental impacts associated with Briiv Air Ltd.

Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals at company premises.

Committing to plant one tree for every product sold.

Eliminate designed obsolescence in our products so everything we sell is designed to last as long as it can without being outdated or engineered to fail after a set amount of usage hours

We commit to upholding a circular mentality pledging to help repair and maintain products as long as they are in use and we are able to do so.

We pledge to be animal friendly, either by removing animal-based products or ensuring that the sources of textiles come from certified sources where animals are well cared for.

We pledge to never test any of our products on animals or any living creature.