Good things come to those who wait

Each Briiv is assembled by a small team with care, striving to change the way consumer electronics are made.

Growing a Briiv

From the plastics to the filters each part of Briiv is grown and harvested, sustainably by hand.

  • Hand forging glass

    Glass is hand formed, using recyclable glass each one takes time and gives each one unique character.

  • Growing filters

    The reindeer moss is sustainably harvested in Finland from managed woodlands and we allow time between each harvest for it to recover.

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Assembled by hand in the UK

Once grown, all of the parts come together and are assembled in the heart of Leeds by a team of 3 dedicated people.

But what happens in the end?

We have started with the end in mind and have removed any design obsolescence, also making it easy to service or repair, so briiv can carry on working for years to come.

Circular Manufacturing

We are going beyond just recycling, any products that are returned to us we will turn them back into new products so the parts do not go to landfill, we are pioneering this methodology in our industry.

Carbon offset

The energy used to make Briiv's glass and move Briiv from place to place, is offset by our carbon offset scheme in partnership with planting forests all over the world.

We know its not perfect but strive everyday to Improve how we work and the way things are made.