Red dot winner 2021

Red dot winner 2021


We're extremely excited to share the news that this last month, we won an award for the briiv Air Filter.  A highly-renowned and coveted design prize: The Red Dot Award for Product Design 2021.

Award-winning design, coming to a home near you!

The name Red Dot might be familiar to some of you. It is no understatement to say it is one of the most prestigious awards you can receive for an individual product and something that is particularly special given the significance of our mission and our product.

Red Dot is among the most prestigious design awards in the world. Composed of specially chosen designers, academics and industry masters from around the globe, a jury decides from a shortlist of over 5,000 entries to qualify a select chosen few to be worthy of bearing their mark of excellence, basing their decisions on criteria of quality of design, functionality and environmental impact.⁠

This coveted accolade is a testament to our unique approach to sustainable and eco-friendly innovation and a seal of the highest quality in regards to aesthetic and functional product design.⁠

How the Filters Are Replaced

We've shared a couple of clips on our Instagram page which showcase just how easy it is to replace the filters in the unit! You can find more details and instructions on our Instagram page or by clicking the image.

Replacing the Matrix filter
Replacing the Moss and Coconut filter layers


That's all for now! Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments, but thank you once again for all your patience and support. 

Stay safe and we'll be in touch soon.

All the best,

Sean and the briiv Team

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