Eco Excellence Awards 2022

Eco Excellence Awards 2022

We’re so excited to share that we recently won not one, but two Eco-Excellence Awards in the Home Air Purifier category as well as the Most Innovative category! We feel incredibly proud to be identified amongst other successful sustainable businesses, and we look forward to continuing our sustainable journey with Briiv.


Image of Briiv air purifier on a table, in a green painted room surrounded by lots of different plants


The Eco-Excellence Awards recognise outstanding innovation in sustainability for products, services, companies and websites, and are now in their 12th edition! The international award looks across platforms for leaders in environmental sustainability, social responsibility, health, and wellness. The awards are open for businesses and NGOs to submit their product and they’re then judged by a panel of experts, media editors, influencers, and celebrity critics to choose five finalists for each category before the public cast their vote.


Outdoor image of Briiv air purifier next to a wicker chair, with a few plants around. There is a banner edited into the top right showing the 'Eco Excellence Awards 2022 Winner'


Check out this year’s winners over on the Eco-Excellence site.

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