Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

The Solar Impulse foundation has collected over 1,000 clean and profitable solutions, and now Briiv is one of them.

What is the Solar Impulse Foundation?

The Solar Impulse foundation appreciates that there needs to be a balance between recognising environmental challenges, and doing what we can to mitigate them, while still enabling economic growth to occur. The Efficient Solution label is a trademark which identifies products that are not only sustainable but can guarantee economic profitability.

Being recognised as an Efficient Solution involves passing the Solar Impulse criteria of technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefit, and profitability. Protecting the environment is a key facet of Briiv’s mission and to do this long term requires financial viability for both us as a company and you as a consumer.


How does Briiv fit?

From the use of eco-friendly filters to the bio-plastic which makes up the base, Briiv is an environmentally sustainable solution to air quality improvement. Not only the greenest air filter on the market, Briiv is also an economical choice; the extended life of the filters reduces the need for repeat purchases, with just one filter pack a year required. The cost of running Briiv is also remarkably cheap with its 5V USB operation. Over the course of a year, the typical running cost of Briiv is less than £3.00 in energy.

Briiv is perfect for those wanting cleaner air in an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient way.


Picture of the Briiv air filter with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label and text saying "Briiv has been recognised as an efficient solution by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The label is designed to shed light on existing solutions that are both clean and profitable".

You can read more about the Efficient Solution Label here:


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