The A' Design award

The A' Design award

More Outstanding Recognition for briiv

We are thrilled to announce we are the recipients of yet another prestigious design award. The A' Design & Competition is regarded as one of the industries foremost certification bodies and as part of their criteria, they not only recognise excellent design, but also consider the wider cultural and social impact of submissions. So to receive a 'Gold' level honour is extremely pleasing and a first-class endorsement, which we are extremely pleased to share with you.

Gold and green always look great together!


Thank you for your patience and support

We are constantly blown away by the level of backing this project has received and the positive messages of kindness and support really do mean the world to us. 


These last 12 months have been unprecedented and difficult for us all,  but one thing is clear. It has certainly brought us all closer together and as we approach the finish line, our resolve has never been stronger to fulfil our promise to you. 


We will release another update in a few weeks with some more positive news and information. 


Till then, stay safe. 

Sean, James and the briiv Team

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