Briiv App: Trials and Tribulations

Briiv App: Trials and Tribulations

I wanted to just take some time and run through the challenges we have had and why it has taken us so long to get the new app updated, rebuilt, and sent out. As you may know, we’ve been working on the new app for a long time now. When we began Briiv, we worked with a start-up company that shared our vision for a new way of making electronic products, and they helped us build internal electronics and all of the hidden code within Briiv that makes it work while we did all of the design and engineering work.

Close up of the internals of a Briiv air filter

What we did not realise at the time, through our naivety, was that they had built their own intellectual property into the brain of Briiv. As time went on we had problems with the app and the Briiv units and they would not allow us access to Briiv’s brain as they claimed ownership over it. This then locked us into a long cycle of asking them to fix various issues and them not delivering much to the frustration of us and all of our customers. With plans for expanding and growing the business, we knew we needed to work on getting all Briivs performing as intended.

About a year ago we started working with a new company with the aim to give Briiv a new brain and build us a server and an entire infrastructure that we would own and have control over. Six months into it they admitted to us that they didn’t really know how to make all of the features work without help, so after a lot of back and forth we ultimately decided that the best thing for Briiv was to revamp the app ourselves and put it under our control. We took the decision to hire our own engineer and work on the problems ourselves with support from the experts.

Now that we've internalised the process we have control over the workings and timelines of the new firmware and app. What you have in front of you looks like the same unit, but within the program that runs on Briiv is completely new with over 60,000 lines of code, all hidden away on something the same size as a button. While we can't 100% guarantee that bugs won't occur, we can reassure you that we'll be able to get any issues resolved in a timely manner.

The new app has been heavily tested, but of course now it’s out in the world there may be things that crop up that we haven’t seen ourselves; because of this we’ve created a dedicated community space for this first roll out so you can go and log your experiences and any bugs that you might notice (but hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing).

We’re committed to providing the best service for this new app. Our customer service and socials teams will also be on hand to chat things through, and keep you updated on any potential updates. We’re now also able to perform any further required updates over the air, so bug fixes, patches, and updates will be easy to access.

You can help us improve by messaging on our community support forum, where other Briiv enthusiasts are helping each other out.

We understand that using Briiv so far might not have been the best experience for you, and we hope that with the update we can reassure you of what we're trying to do as a company, and continue to provide you with hassle-free clean air!

Thank you again for your ongoing support. We are one of very few independent electronics manufacturers in the UK and are the only one dedicated to changing the materials used in the industry to being better for the environment. By sticking with us you are helping us deliver on changing an industry and help make the world a better place for future generations to come.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team, or our social media team.

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