Manufacturing Update - December

Manufacturing Update - December

Hey everyone,

We hope you are all well and want to say thank you for all your messages and support recently. We're happy to bring you our latest manufacturing update which brings the briiv air filter, one step closer to your homes.

The moss has now been fully processed and we are currently placing it into its little hemp bags to keep it secure on its travels around the world. We've put together a little demo below of taking briiv out for the first time and arranging the moss.

PCB Programming

We are in the process of finalising all of the software inside briiv that will allow it to connect wirelessly to the cloud. App development is also going very well and soon we'll be able to show some early stages of this.

The big steps forward we've been making have been in allowing the briiv units to be updated over the internet so that we can speed up our development timeline. Our team is currently working remotely so this helps hugely. It may sound small but has saved us a lot of time and let us fault-find much faster.


The problems with the bio-plastics have now been resolved and they are currently re-machining parts of the tooling to be able to produce these components.


Some things that are completed are the recycled card tubes that will transport briiv safely all over the world. Here they are awaiting shipment (inside outer boxes) to the assembly factory where the other components await!   

Although most of our project is on schedule, our manufacturers are having some difficulties in getting components shipped to them on time. This is due to some suppliers working reduced shifts to handle the impact of coronavirus. In turn, this is starting to cause some unfortunate delays to when briiv will be ready to send out to you guys. We hope this will just push things back by a few weeks into April. A lot can still change at this point and we do have the majority of the parts finished but unfortunately we can't make them until every last part is at the final factory.  

We are doing everything we can and are working hard to minimise delays as much as possible. We hope we can bring things back on schedule but we just want you to know exactly where we stand. 

Bringing It Home

Finally, one major decision we have taken is to move production of the final stage filters to the UK. This will cost us a bit more to achieve but will save what could have been a significant delay and ensure everything is manufactured to our high standards. 

That's all for now. As always, if you have any questions, we are happy to help out.

Stay safe everyone,

Sean & team briiv

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