Inside Story, Production Update

Inside Story, Production Update

Hey everyone!

It's been a great few weeks for us as we begin to put into action our production schedule!

We have a few long lead components with Briiv such as the formed glass, so we made sure as soon as the Kickstarter funds landed those manufacturers were already lined up and ready to go.

The main challenge for us at the moment is finalising the electronics and we are happy to say that Briiv has had a major upgrade in the user interface arena! Originally we had simple push buttons on Briiv which allowed you to control the power, speed and pre-set times. 

Given the over-funding we have the capacity to upgrade this. Now we have capacitive touch sensors and LED indicators to help you interact with Briiv at a distance so you never have to touch any surface of Briiv to operate it. We think this is a move in the right direction to help make Briiv future-proof. We’ve still retained the minimal design influence for the interface but now the user experience and the ease of use is much improved.

We're still fine tuning the interface and things will still change, so we'll keep you posted when we perfect it. One thing we will mention now is when Briiv is running, the LED's go off and when you approach Briiv the interface illuminates so you can interact with it. We're not fans of constant lights on products as it's not really necessary and sometimes is very distracting.

We just put together a very rough sneak preview of our first pass at the touch interface below (please bear in mind this is not the final UI).

We'll have plenty more to show you guys soon as we start to receive pre-production components. The eco-packaging we have is pretty awesome so we'll put out an update on that when it arrives too (designing sustainable packaging to protect glass was a fun challenge!) 

We're super excited to be able to start sharing our manufacture journey with you all! We hope you're all staying safe and we'll be in touch soon with more updates!

Stay safe and speak soon!

Sean & Team Briiv

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