Smelling Great

Smelling Great

A Close Look At The New Briiv Aroma 

We have had a few questions about how the fragrance part works in Briiv Pro, so we've put this little video together showing the feature in more detail.

All Briiv Pros will come with this, but it is optional and you don't have to use this feature for your Briiv to operate.

Under the first stage filters of Briiv Pro there is a small well with a thick rattan diffuser stick. Although similar to regular reed diffusers in looks, it operates very differently.

Fragrance is added to the well, being sure not to overfill it, then fragrance is drawn downwards through the reed and in front of the fan in the exhaust, where the air picks up the fragrance and carries it in to the room.

At the bottom of the reed there is a small well as an emergency overflow so the essential oils can't cause any damage to the parts inside of Briiv.

From our testing we have found that once filled to the max point, depending on the fragrance, it will diffuse your fragrance for around 2 to 4 days.

The reed sticks can be alternated if you want different fragrances, but one will last all year if used with one fragrance!

Tooling Progress

If you read one of our previous blog post, ‘Briiv Pro vs. Smoke’ you’ll have seen the early stages of the tooling process. You can see an almost completed version below!

We then began running test moulds of the bio-plastic bases! 

We had a few made in the first run so we could check to see if any modifications were needed in the tool. This kind of pre-production gave us a good idea on timings and quality. It also meant we could get moving on the main production run as soon as the kickstarter campaign ended! 

This is an Image of the very first pieces off the tool!

We only had enough plastic to make four sets at the time, and there were a few things we needed to change and some minor modifications that were quite normal at that stage. Overall we were thrilled to see how well these parts came out and how few issues we had.

We were able to have these well under way and all fixed in time for production in mid January. 

Carbon Activate!

Since we decided to re-introduce a carbon filter, we worked on getting the best carbon inside Briiv Pro as we possibly could.

Carbon is rated by using iodine and how much it can absorb. A higher number indicates a higher degree of activation, often reported in mg/g (typical range 500–1200 mg/g). 

We managed to get the best around, rated at 1200 mg/g, making it extra absorbent for chemicals that are in the air!

We tested it using formaldehyde, a particularity tricky VOC to remove from the air, with much improved results over our previous testing with an average removal of 37%! Then on higher concentrations we achieved a removal of 46% in a single pass.

We completed average flow test with the results below, showing the levels of formaldehyde going into Briiv Pro and at the same time the levels coming out, showing the reduction.

Combining Carbon With Moss

With all this talk of carbon, we played with combining moss and the carbon together...


...And we have to say it looks pretty great! With the new carbon, 250 grams is slightly denser so it gives a bit more space to add some green in there with it too. It uses about half the moss that is supplied with the filter, and the added power of Briiv Pro handles it like a pro...  

If you want this look, you can simply add on a carbon filter pack and use half of your moss from the existing filter pack.

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