Briiv Pro has Launched!

Briiv Pro has Launched!

For a while now we've been exploring how to improve Briiv. With amazing feedback from our customers and community, along with a little of our own ingenuity, we've been working away in the background to create something incredible...

Briiv began over four years ago with myself and my co-creator James wanting to develop a more sustainable option within the air purification industry. We’ve come a long way from our original paint can prototype, and we’re still continuing to build and develop on our original ideas.

We’ve learned a lot in the past few years about our customers wants and needs, and we wanted to make sure Briiv could evolve to meet these demands. In comes Briiv Pro! An upgraded version of the original Briiv, Briiv Pro boasts new and improved features including an AI powered air quality sensor, multi-unit connectivity, increased power and output, and brand new filter options.

Briiv Pro with activated carbon filter

Briiv gave us a solid foundation to build on, and has been an effective option for consumers looking for an economic and circular choice. Its simple yet beautiful design and natural materials made it an obvious choice for customers who value both clean living and sustainability. As consumer expectations grow and we’re able to push development, the new features of Briiv Pro seemed like the natural progression. Briiv Pro takes all the best bits of Briiv and elevates it to a whole new level. 

Briiv Pro is the only intelligent air quality system that looks after your entire home, keeping you and your family healthy. We've developed two new modes to allow this:
  • Canary mode automatically senses poor air quality and cleans your space when it's needed.
  • Zone mode connects and controls multiple Briiv units and looks after your entire home.

This means you can link units together to create a system that works throughout your entire home! 

The brand new in-built air quality monitor uses a unique AI machine learning algorithm which knows exactly when and how to clean your air. Never again will you be left sniffling over allergies or wondering why the smell of the fish pie you made earlier is still lingering, and you won't even need to lift a finger! 

Briiv Pro is available now on Kickstarter. Get yours today!

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