Production Update - June 2021

Production Update - June 2021

Hello everyone, 

It's time for our monthly update and you'll be thankful to hear the updated timelines we set out in the last update are still on-track and today we wanted to bring you a little additional information and an exclusive look at our app which is deep in development!

Appy to see you!

As promised during the campaign, our ambitious bespoke app aims to offer convenience and information on a level not previously provided by other similar products.  This, of course, while being extremely useful functionality, is absolutely optional. You don't need to connect your briiv to any network or activate its wireless components in order to perform its functions to its fullest. This is purely if you prefer to have smart app integration and to take advantage of some clever little functions including:

> Multiple Unit Management

With the briiv app, you can manage all your devices on one screen from anywhere in the world! All you need is active internet connection and to link each briiv device to your app to give you full autonomous control.  You can custom name each unit for easy identification and a highlighted icon lets you know which are currently active or not. You can also link as many devices as you want!

> Scheduling

You can set schedules for each individual unit and these can be as complex as you like, running once daily or you can set up an hourly schedule specific to weekdays or weekends or however you like, you're in complete control!

> Device Interactivity

When you click on an individual unit, you can choose from here to look at your schedules and filters for that unit or give the unit a 1-hour max boost! Or simply control the unit wirelessly from wherever you are. Tapping the + and - buttons will raise and lower the fan speed accordingly, whilst the on/off button acts a simple toggle for when you're done freshening your air.


We look forward to looking at this part particularly in more depth, with a live interactive video on our social channels and future updates soon!

> Filter Health and Re-Ordering

Something we're quite proud of here at briiv is giving you insight into something you're not usually allowed to see: how long your filters have left in terms of their optimal life. Most manufacturers would tend to keep this information quiet in the hope the user would end up likely buying more replacement filters more regularly.  However, at briiv, we're keen to put the power in your hands. 

What is the bird about?

You might have noticed a friendly yellow bird greeting you on the app home screen and on the app logo. We have some more, very exciting information to share about this little fellow in the next update, this is just a little sneak peek!   :)



It's no surprise (and refreshing) to see news outlets following the latest updates about the on-going conductor resource shortage crisis; and in-fact they offer a more in-depth and investigative look into how and why these shortages have happened  - BloombergBBC News.

As mentioned, we have updated our timelines and have a realistic date set, which is on-target and we intend to honour. 

In other logistical news, we have been getting a number of queries about Filter Replacement Packs. At present we're working hard to establish stock holding in regional areas worldwide, which means you would be able to acquire replacement packs at a local delivery rate. That said, we will be selling them through our website and even if we did ship them from here in the UK, we would only charge a reasonable cost for delivery of the filter replacement packs. It wouldn't be in our interest as a business and morally speaking to diminish the ability of our wonderful supporters from using their units in the long term.


Greener and more affordable than like-for-like replacements

Replacement packs will be available for £40 through our website after crowdfunding fulfilment is complete; However, if you have already pledged and wish to add additional packs now at the discounted pre-order rate of £30 per pack, you can do so by contacting us at with your Contribution ID and the amount of packs you would like to add-on. A full set of filters and the replacement packs at average use will last around 12 months each. All units and replacement filter packs pre-ordered, will all arrive together when intitial shipping takes place.

We are also pleased to announce the landing of further components and now our warehouse storage is getting mighty full as we await the final crucial pieces of the puzzle!

Thank you and see you soon!

We've received an incredible number of messages of support from the briiv community and we're so very thankful and grateful for your best wishes and patience in this trying period. Rest assured, we are still working long days and nights as hard as we can to ensure we bring you the cleanest, greenest, highest quality product to you, as quickly and safely as we can.

Till next time, 

Sean and the briiv Team


What about listening to our latest interview?

Fancy hearing us talk and seeing our faces? (Sure you do!) In case you do find that interesting, we've just done an interview with the Green Elephant Show, a UK based weekly podcast that aims to educate listeners about green issues, offer tips, interviews with eco-friendly figures (that's us!) and more. 


In the episode we talk about briiv a little bit, how it works, but also we bust some myths and cover a lot of sensitive green issues like green-washing and eco-manufacturing and talk about some of the pitfalls to look out for when shopping around and finding true eco-friendly products. 


Click here or the image below to see/listen to it. 

Green Elephant Show Podcast


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