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Briiv Pro Yorkshire Moss One Year Filter Set

Briiv Pro Yorkshire Moss One Year Filter Set

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One year filter set contains:

  • 1 Yorkshire Moss Replacement Filter 
  • 1 Coconut Replacement Filter
  • 4 Nano Matrix Filters 

What are the filter layers made of?

Yorkshire Moss -  Locally sourced sphagnum moss. This layer will remove PM10 sized particles like pollen and other allergens such as pet dander from the air. This type of moss is washable and can be reused, offering a more long term sustainable option. 

Coconut - Taken from waste coconut husk and re-purposed into a fantastic filtration fibre, this dense mesh targets PM5 sized particles including dirt, dust, and smoke. 

Nano Matrix - Created bespoke for the Briiv Air Filter, this filter contains activated carbon and can trap matter down to the PM2.5 range including fine particles and VOC’s. 

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