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briiv Air Filter - Triple Pack

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The most sustainable, recyclable air purifier on Earth.

Each briiv Air Filter package includes:

  • briiv Air Purifier
  • Reindeer Moss Filter (Lasts 12 Months) 
  • Coconut Coir Fibre Filter (Lasts 12 Months)
  • 4 Silk-Matrix Filters (Last 3 Months Each)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Localised power plug for your region
  • User guide

briiv uses 100% renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment, creating clean, safe air so you can breathe, as nature intended. 

briiv utilises smart engineering to power up from just a 5v USB connection, meaning you spend only £2 per year running it! Better for the planet; better for you.

briiv Triple Pack

The briiv Triple Pack is ideal for expanding the range of clean air to the furthest reaches of your home.  A breath of fresh air to two additional rooms which can benefit from clean, healthy air - Like a bedroom, living room, office, nursery or kitchen!

Three units transforms more of your atmosphere, allowing you to breathe better, no matter where you roam.