Collection: Personalise Your Briiv Pack

How do I know which size I need?

Briiv is proven to purify a 6m x 6m space in just one hour, so ideally you would have a single unit in whichever room requires a quick cleanse. If you want to protect more of your home or personal environment, like a kitchen, guest bedroom, nursery, office space, gymnasium, studio, waiting room or lobby (the options are endless!) then additional units can greatly benefit you and your family, all while creating a beautiful centrepiece for each space!

briiv Air Filter

The World's Most Sustainable Air Purifier. Fact. Briiv is better for the planet, better for you. Briiv is the ultimate symbol to show your committment to the environment and to those you care about. When the world around us is full of pollutants, let Briiv be your solution to pollution.

A single Briiv unit is perfect for cleansing your personal space. It's also super lightweight and uses a simple 5v USB connection for convenient portability, so you can easily move Briiv around to where you need it most.

Briiv Double Pack

The Briiv Double Pack is ideal for adding a breath of fresh air to a second room which can benefit from clean, healthy air - Like a bedroom, living room, office, nursery or kitchen!

A second Briiv allows you much greater convenience of covering more of your personal atmosphere, without needing to move your single unit from room to room.

Briiv Triple Pack

The Briiv Triple Pack is ideal for expanding the range of clean air to the furthest reaches of your home. A breath of fresh air to two additional rooms which can benefit from clean, healthy air - Like a bedroom, living room, office, nursery or kitchen!

Three units transforms more of your atmosphere, allowing you to breathe better, no matter where you roam.

Briiv Full House Pack

The Briiv Full House Pack is perfect if you cherish good health and a clean atmosphere in your entire home. Four rooms can benefit from clean, healthy air - Like bedrooms, a living room, office, nursery or kitchen!

Four units offers whole home protection and shields you and your family, from top to bottom, helping you breathe better without costing the Earth.

Looking for replacement filters?

Has the time come to refresh your filters? No problem! You can select between a whole new set, or just some finely engineered Silk-Matrix filters. We deliver worldwide too!

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