My briiv device fails to connect to the wifi network, on the device connect page Error 1001

Start here by unplugging the device wait 30 seconds and then repeat the connection process.

Alternatively take the device out of connection mode by touching the plus or minus button on briiv until the lights stop flashing, then press and hold the one hour mode to re enter connection mode now try to log in again in the app device connect screen.

If that has not worked, 

Check your app is up to date there might be some troubleshooting we can work through to get your app connected!

Error Code 1001 means there is either an incompatibility with the router or that the network details you are entering are incorrect. If you are sure that you are entering your details correctly then it is the connection between the modem/WiFi hub and the phone which could be causing the issue. If you try multiple devices (you can try phones or tablets), you may be successful. If no devices appear to work, then it could be an issue with your router.

Between connection attempts, I would also recommend clearing the cache of the app. We know sometimes errors tend to persist in the app if they have happened once already.

You'll need to first clear out the cache of the app. If you have an iPhone, this can be done simply if you uninstall and reinstall the app. If you have an Android phone, please follow these steps:

- Go to your settings app on your phone.

- In here, you’re looking for a sub-setting called ‘Apps’.

- You’ll then need to find the briiv app and click on it.

- Next, find another sub-setting called ‘Storage and Cache’.

- In here you’ll now find the relevant settings for the briiv app.

- Click Clear Storage and Clear Cache

This will ensure any residual code which may be preventing the app from functioning correctly will be purged.


We are working through some known bugs here, if you are still having issues please reach out to us at and let us know what device you are using and we can get to work fixing your issue.

Also be aware that briiv will only work on a 2.5ghz network, to find out more about this follow this link.