briiv Speed Modes and What Are They For

Usage Levels

briiv has four levels and two distinct modes to utilise. Manual mode where you can select the output by pressing + and - to raise and lower the air delivery rate; And also '1-Hour Mode', which will automatically put the unit into Level 4 on max power and automatically turn off after one hour. This is important to note, because after that hour, the 6m x 6m space that briiv is designed to optimally work in, will be fully cleared.  It isn't recommended to continue to use the Level 4 setting after that, or you should use the '1-Hour Mode' if your intention isn't the cleanse the room quickly. Level 3 for example will clear the same space in roughly 2 hours, Level 2 in 4 hours and Level 1 in 6 hours.

Naturally, if the unit is running at maximum power it will be louder than average and therefore it might be inconvenient to run Level 4 if you're attempting to do something sound-sensitive in the same room. briiv is a smaller unit running purely from a low-energy 5v USB connection, which means we can pack an impressive amount of power into such a compact and beautiful package. 

When to use the different levels?

Level 4
 - Max power, set and forget. Use for example if you're in another room or out of the home and want to set the '1-Hour Mode' before you get home from work.

Level 3
 - High power, for when doing something intensive like cooking a meal.

Level 2
 - Medium power,  ideal for running in the background. The unit will emit a low hum, but won't disturb you if you are sleeping nearby or watching TV in the same room.

Level 1 
- Low power, ideal for when briiv is next to you all day, helping to clear the air around you, and keep you calm and focused.


A video description can also be seen here: