The Air Filter Powered by Moss, Coconuts and NASA’s Favourite Sheep.

Fresh air that doesn’t cost the Earth. 

Briiv uses 100% renewable and natural materials to filter air the way nature intended. 

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As nature intended

Cleaner air means better living. Fewer impurities in your environment promotes blood circulation, brain activity and muscle performance. Put these together and what have you got? An increase in wellness for you.


Not a bit of plastic in sight.


Alexa Integrated


Clean Calm Air

Powered By Nature

Moss & Charcoal

Natural dried moss and activated charcoal helps take out particulate matter and odours from the air. It’s the black and green air-cleaning machine.


The humble coconut provides us with a bounty of uses and its husk is no exception. Trapping harmful substances from the air, you’ll be breathing a cool island breeze in no time.


Briiv’s secret weapon. Developed and used by NASA as air filters and to combat airborne viruses. This wool filter is as effective as a plastic HEPA filter but 100% biodegradable

Fresh air that doesn’t cost the Earth. 

Pre-order now on Kickstarter 

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